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In the 1950s a quiet revolution in dieting began when Dr. A.T.W. Simeons published the results of a study the tracked the progress of participants who combined an extremely low calorie diet with a naturally occurring supplement called HCG. HCG injections for weight loss produced weight loss in the form of body fat reduction rather than lean tissue. With the results of his study, it became clear with HCG injections weight loss was achievable in a healthy way.

That was the ‘50s and clinics popped up to serve clients willing to pay for the shots and the medical staff to administer the injections, but this was a small percentage of dieters. Now HCG is widely administered through oral supplements and began to replace the HCG injections weight loss program

quite rapidly. What used to require a much larger investment of time and money has become available to the general public through the advances in the process by which the low dose of HCG is introduced to the body. The diet is still harsh; 500 calories a day for a brief period of time isn’t something that everyone will be able to achieve.

Unfortunately, the number of people going on crash diets is only increasing in this age of body image obsession and without a supplement like HCG to compel the body to let go of stubborn fat stores people are throwing their systems into a starvation mode that is ending up costing muscle, bone density, and even teeth in some cases, but rarely flab. After the dieter stops, they tend to gain much more weight than they lost because their metabolism is still reeling from the trauma and the fat stores are easier to maintain than muscle.

With the Simeons diet and HCG injections weight loss is possible. But now that oral supplements are available, shots are no longer the preferred method of administration.

HCG is naturally occurring in both women and men, and FDA approved for both. The hormone spikes during pregnancy in women, but what Dr. Simeons found was that even the slightest rise in level was enough to promote healthy fat loss.

With HCG, some people with more than 40 pounds or so to lose will repeat the diet after waiting for the body levels to get back to normal. But due to the fact that this particular diet leaves you with a better chemistry for future weight loss and maintenance, people often find that even if they still have more weight to lose it requires less effort and the desperation aspect has dissolved.