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Do you worry about your cholesterol levels sometimes? And do you know about a close friend or neighbour taking medical drugs such as Statins because her doctor had prescribed these class of drugs to lower her cholesterol?

Well, truth be told, statins to the big pharmaceutical companies, are like the major blockbuster movies that Hollywood create – filled with hype and special effects to wow the audience. And just like these blockbuster movies, there are major flops too. Statins are definitely one of those, that flop big time.

But the difference between a bad movie and a bad drug is that you still live after watching a bad movie. You however, slowly die if you get prescribed a bad drug. Because what the doctor doesn’t know about nutritional medicine may be killing you.

Let me share with you why this is so.

What is Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)?

First, you need to know what coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is. CoQ10 is needed for the functioning of mitochondria, which is the microscopic power stations found in every cell. They generate ATP, which is the form of energy all forms of life need. Cells with the highest energy demands, contain the highest levels of CoQ10, and CoQ10 is needed for good muscle function. The most important dietary sources of CoQ10 are meats and fish.

The Danger of Synthetic Statins

Now, both CoQ10 and cholesterol are synthesized from the same substance, mevalonate. And statin drugs such as Lipitor, Zocor, etc, inhibit the body’s synthesis of CoQ10 because statin drugs are supposed to inhibit cholesterol. Please note that this is not a “side effect,” of statins, but a direct, inherent function of the drugs. In fact, the use of statins can decrease the body’s synthesis of CoQ10 by as much as 40%!

The depletion of CoQ10 can lead to muscle pain and damage. And-Muscle tissue damaged by a statin drug is certainly contrary to maintaining good health, especially when the damaged muscle tissue is part of the heart muscle-the very organ you are taking the drug to protect!

So, can you imagine that the drug, your doctor prescribed to save you, was actually preventing your body from recovering? Of course, many doctors deny the occurrence of any side effects, and tend to dismiss them. This is mainly due to the fact that pharmaceutical manufacturers producing statin drugs rarely publicize their side effects, and when they do, they are buried in the small print or minimized to a very small percentage of total users.

After all, if you had spent billions of dollars in the researching and developing a drug, you would need to recover the cost, wouldn’t you?

Are There Natural Statins?

Of course there are natural Statins such as Red Yeast Rice, Garlic and Hawthorn and Policasanol. Red Yeast Rice contains a naturally occurring statin called Mevastatin. And as with most herbal products, it contains many other natural substances, some of which act synergistically to reduce negative effects. On the other hand, synthetic statin drugs contain only one isolated synthetic chemical. However the problem with natural statins is that they are seldom produced in accordance to pharmaceutical standards, or strict quality control.

Something even better than Natural Statins: Great Synergy between CoQ10 and Alpha Lipoic Acid

It is important to note that if you take any item containing a statin, even a natural one like that in Red Yeast Rice, you should supplement with at least 120 mg of CoQ10 daily to replace that which the statin depletes. Some quality CoQ10 supplements however need a lesser amount than 120mg because they are paired with Alpha lipoic acid (DHLA). Alpha lipoic acid is involved in mitochondrial energy metabolism and recycling oxidised CoQ10. In other words, the alpha lipoic acid would allow the CoQ10 to be absorbed deeper into the blood plasma, and most of the CoQ10 can be directed to the cells that need it most. Hence, even if you find that you have a bottle of CoQ10 supplements that contains more than 100mg of CoQ10, and no alpha lipoic acid with it, chances are, much of these CoQ10 would not be absorbed well into the cells.


So while waiting for the CoQ10 issue to be settled in future statin studies, which will probably never see the light of the day, you may wish to maintain your cholesterol level by keeping a better diet and to supplement yourself with quality vitamins and minerals before your cholesterol levels start rising. Take natural statins as the second resort. In most cases ensure that your bottle of CoQ10 has alpha lipoic in it so that your healthy cholesterol goals would be met, and you would never ever need to take synthetic statin drugs.